To Agistri (1976)

Thanks to Mondo Macabro, I’ve been getting into Greek exploitation a bit lately, which brings me to this Erricos Andreou-directed film that I would have passed up if it weren’t for that most radiant of all giallo queens, Barbara Bouchet. She plays Iro Maras, a rich woman who is sleeping around on her sailboat obsessed husband (Gunther Stoll, What Have You Done to Solange?) with a young playboy named Nikos (Robert Behling, Island of Death).

There’s the old man to kill him during a yacht regatta, but just like the plot of a Carol Baker giallo you may have already seen, the wrong person goes in the drink. Yet that’s not the end, as always, and nobody gets out unscarred.

Jessica Dublin, who as also in Island of Death, makes an appearance. She also shows up in a bunch of Troma fare, like Troma’s War and the second and third Toxic Avenger movies.

So yeah. Greek giallo. I guess you can consider Blind DateMedusaDeath Kiss and Tango 2001 on that list. Man, just read this description of that last one: “Joachim is an impotent man who who secretly films his friend Stathis having sex with girls from the Tango Club. When Stathis kills the lesbian that he catches with his girlfriend, the death is caught on film. Necrophilia soon follows.” If you don’t think I’m not furiously tracking that down after posting this, you don’t know me at all.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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