Watch Me When I Kill (1977)

Antonio Bido also directed the giallo The Blood Stained Shadow, which I tend to enjoy more than this one. However, how great is the title of this film?

A pharmacist is murdered and Mara, the woman who saw the killer leave the scene, is now being stalked. Her boyfriend Lukas, being protective, decides to figure out who the killer is and soon learns that it’s anything but a normal crime.

Originally known as Il Giatto Dagli occhi Di Giada, or Cat with the Jade Eyes, as well as The Cat’s Victims, Terror in the Lagoon and The Vote of Death, this film has some unique murder scenes from its killer who has a cat-like mask.

An escaped murderer named Pasquale Ferrante seems the most likely suspect. He’s played by Paolo Tedesco, who was Calo in The Godfather, the bodyguard in Italy who said, “In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.”

Most of the victims were at his murder trial, but the clues go the whole way back to Axis collaborators during World War II. Giuseppe Addobbati (Nightmare Castle) also appears as a judge.

This movie feels much like a pre-Suspiria Argento giallo, which is not a bad thing.

You can watch this on Tubi. You can also get it on blu ray from Synapse.

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