Acts of Violence (1985)

Oh Lightning Video, you bringers of filth and ruin. In addition to giving us VHS versions of The Wild BeastsThe House of the Yellow Carpet, the Michael Pataki-directed CinderellaThe Killer Is on the PhoneYellow Hair and the Fortress of GoldNecropolisDark AugustFootprints on the MoonSuperstition and more also have us this mondo of sorts.

Billed as “a riveting expose about the personalities of murderers and their motives,” this movie covers three topics: the McDonalds’ restaurant massacre, President Reagan’s assassination attempt and serial murderer Henry Lee Lucas.

Murder porn, as they call it, is passe these days, on 24/7 in so many homes. But in 1985? Movies like this and The Killing of America blew minds.

You can watch this on YouTube:

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