Last Resort (1986)

Zane Busby started her career as an editor for Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain and acted in Up In Smoke before directed this movie for Julie Corman. This is one of those movies that has a surprising cast, beyond Charles Grodin in the lead (also in King Kong ’76 and So, I Married and Axe Murderer). There’s Megan Mullaly (TV’s Will and Grace) Gerrit Graham (Phantom of the Paradise), Jon Lovitz (Almost Sharkproof), Phil Hartman (Cheech and Chongs Next Movie) and Mario Van Peebles (A Clear Shot) all making appearances.

George Lollar (Grodin) takes his family on vacation to Club Sand, where everyone else is having sex while he has his kids in tow. There’s also a revolution happening, a staff that could care less about hospitality and Charles Grodin being, well, Charles Grodin.

It’s also the only woke movie I’ve seen in these 80’s comedies where the other f word gets someone in trouble. About time — I knew things were intolerant back then, but it’s nice to see that some people were also willing to tell people to back off.

Man, not to pile on the Grodin downers, but this movie is the kind of film that posits the question, “Can Charles Grodin be the Chevy Chase that people love or the Chevy Chase that people hate?” Remember that Casio keyboard that Chevy would randomly play on his abortive talk show? I’m shocked Grodin wasn’t lugging it around. There’s your answer.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Charles Sidney Grodin
April 21, 1935 – May 18, 2021
“I started in movies in 1963,
and the first big one was Rosemary’s Baby in 1967.
While you don’t notice it right away, it finally dawns on you that 80% of the time, you’re doing nothing.”

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