Oddballs (1984)

Directed by Miklos Lente, the cinematographer of Screwballs and Happy Birthday to Me, this movie is pretty much Meatballs. It stars one of America’s favorite drunk, Foster Brooks, and Canada’s answer to Bill Murray, Mike McDonald.

The kids at Camp Bottomout — and let me stress kids, they are 12 or so — have an anti-virginity pact. This would be bad enough, but then they go to a singles bar with a fake ID. Oh 1984, you were wonderful.

This is a movie willing to make jokes about child molestation and still get a PG rating, all while presenting rapid-fire ripoffs of ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Canada was a magical land in the 80’s, killing teens on one hand and getting them laid with the other. Long may your tax shelter movies like, neighbor to the north!

You can watch this on YouTube:

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