Win a copy of SpongeBob SquarePants: Bikini Bottom Bash (2020)!

Thanks to our friends at Nickelodeon, Paramount Home Entertainment and Click Communications, we have one FREE copy of this new Spongebob DVD! Read through and find out how below!

SpongeBob SquarePants was created by the late marine science educator and animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. After the cancelation of Rocko’s Modern Life, he had been working on a book called The Intertidal Zone, that he hoped would teach his students about the undersea world. It’s also inspired by Ween’s 1997 album The Mollusk.

Tom Kenny was asked to be the voice for a character originally called SpongeBoy, which was changed as that name was already trademarked. Since then, it’s gone on to make over $13 billion — that’s right, billion — dollars worth of merchandise revenue for Nickelodeon.

The fifth-longest-running American animated series, it remains the highest-rated series to air on Nickelodeon and is ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks’ most distributed property.

The series chronicles the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his aquatic friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. Beyond Sponge Bob, there’s his snail Gary, his goofy friend Patrick Star, co-worker Squidward Tentacles and Sandy Cheeks.

Bikini Bottom Bash is a compilation of party-themed Sponge Bob episodes, containing the episodes SpongeBob’s Big Birthday Blowout, Sun Bleached, The Slumber Party, Party Pooper Pants and Truth or Square. Other than containing the aforementioned Party Pooper Pants, this has nothing to do with the VHS compilation of the same name that was released in 2003.

While the Bikini Bottom gang was born years past my expiration date for watching Nickelodeon, I have to admit that it’s a lot of fun. Even David Hasselhoff, Eddie Deezen, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Gilbert Gottfried show up! I kind of love that a Peter Lorre-looking fish shows up, as if kids would have any idea of who that is. I loved the mix of live-action and animation, like seeing the real actors playing their roles. Plus, the tribute to Hillenburg was a nice touch.

You can grab this DVD today from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment at this Amazon link. It’s got a really great price and I think it’d be a great way to keep the kids inside and occupied while making sure that grown-up kids are entertained, too.

DISCLAIMER: Thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment for sending this our way. Of course, our review is not impacted by their generosity.

To win: Just share this article on Facebook or Twitter, then enter a comment below! One random winner will get a copy sent to them absolutely free! As a reminder, the shipment of product and giveaway prizes may be delayed due to current world events. Good luck!

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