Spy In Your Eye (1965)

Also known as Bang You’re Dead, this Eurospy film was released in the U.S. by American International Pictures and released as part of a double feature with Secret Agent Fireball.

Secret Agent Bert Morris (Brett Halsey, The Devil’s Honey) mist rescue Paula Krauss (Pier Angeli, lover to both James Dean and Kirk Douglas, she died of an overdose at only 31 after making Octaman), whose father has developed a death ay. However, his boss Colonel Lancaster (Dana Andrews, Laura) has had a miniature camera inserted into his eye, which is broadcasting everything to the Russians.

As a fan of Yor Hunter from the Future, I feel duty bound to report that Pag (Luciano Pigozzi) is in this. And, of course, the evil Asian is played by George Wang, who covered that role for nearly every Italian film.

You can watch the whole movie on YouTube:

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