Angelfish (2020)

This feature film debut by writer-director Peter Andrew Lee is an intimate love story from the streets of New York with the same heart and soul that we experience with Spike Lee’s and Matty Rich’s respective feature film debuts of She’s Gotta Have It (1986) and Straight Out of Brooklyn (1991). Think of Angelfish as a grittier version of the love-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks tales of John Hughes with Pretty in Pink (1986) and Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), as made by Spike or Rich, and you’re in the 1993 Bronx neighborhood where Angelfish takes place.

Eva is a Puerto Rican girl from a proud, hardworking family who aspires to study acting, but is pressured by her family to take up accounting so the family can better provide for her special needs brother. Brendan is white and from a broken home where he’s the breadwinner who takes care of his alcoholic, racist mother and his always-in-trouble teen brother.

They meet when Eva enters the Bronx deli where Brendan works and he saves her from overly amorous suitor. A romance soon blossoms against the insecurities of racism and jealousy of others, along with the pressures of family loyalty and responsibilities. This is a kind, gentle film that weaves an authentic tale of frowned upon interracial and interclass love that, sadly, still exists in society.

The leads of Jimi Stanton (from the Netflix web series The Punisher) and American rap artist Princess Nokia (in her acting debut) both shine in their mutual debuts as lead actors. Great things are on the way for both of them.

Angelfish debuts this month as a free-with-ads VOD on TubiTv and is now playing as a PPV at Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Vudu. You can learn more about the film at Screen Thirteen Pictures.

Disclaimer: This movie was sent to us by its PR company.

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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