Hollywood Man (1976)

Jack Starrett may be best known for Blazing Saddles, but he was also in plenty of biker movies like The Born Losers, Hells Angels on WheelsAngels from Hell and Hell’s Bloody Devils. He moved on to directing, making films like Run, Angel, Run; Nam’s AngelsCleopatra JonesRace With the Devil and Kiss My Grits

William Smith is an actor that’s been in oh, somewhere around three hundred films. Let me topline some of his roles: Conan’s dad in Conan the Barbarian, the captain in Maniac CopC.C. and CompanyGrave of the VampireHammerSevenHell Comes to FrogtownTerror In Beverly HillsUncle Sam and he shows up as Pharaoh in two of the Roller Blade Seven movies. He was also the father to Lorenzo Lamas’ character on the TV show Renegade. Smith also produced this film, one of only three movies he put his money behind (Prologue to Wounded Knee and Body Shop are the other two).

This might be autographical — Smith plays Hollywood action film star Rafe Stoker, who has sunk $130,000 of his own money into a movie but can’t get the cash to finish the film. The mob investor agrees to pay, as long as Smith ponies up some big collateral. Then, he hires Harvey and his bikers to sabotage the movie. Plus, the cops are also on Stroker’s case. He can’t win as he and his girl get gunned down by thugs after finishing the movie.

I can’t lie — I only watched this movie because Mary Woronov was in it. Also appearing are Tom Simcox (Grim Prarie Tales), Don Stroud (The Amityville Horror), Carmine Caridi (who was in second and third Godfather films; he was also the first person to be expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for bootlegging Oscar screeners), Clay Tanner (who played Satan in Rosemary’s Baby), former pro wrestler and bullfighter Don Sebastian (Super FuzzMako: The Jaws of Death) and wah wah pedal innovator Charles Pitts (he’s also in Truck Turner).

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and The Internet Archive.

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