Firehead (1991)

Action International Pictures, also known as West Side Studios, was founded by David Winters, David A. Prior and Peter Yuval in 1986. After Winters was overruled on a casting decision for Thrashin’ — he wanted Johnny Depp and they wanted Josh Brolin — Winters made the professional decision to control all aspects of future projects.

All of this would lead to them producing seventeen movies and distributing forty one more between 1988 and 1994. They often used the same cast and crew in many of the films, such as David Prior and his brother Red, as well as William Zipp as actor, writer, director, producer, and stunt man. They weren’t above getting big stars, either. That is, if you consider Cameron Mitchell a big star, which I completely do.

Some of their films include Island of BloodMiami GolemDeadly PreyZombie Death HousePhoenix the WarriorElvesFuture ForceFuture ZoneNight Trap, and, of course, Space Mutiny. Truly, their work is the bottom of a very tasty barrel.

Today, however, we’re here to discuss Firehead.

At some point in 1988, a telekinetic Soviet agent known only as Firehead (Brett Porter, Arena) defects to the United States after he refuses to use his abilities against a crowd of protesters. Yet just two years later, he’s blowing up American factories, which brings a chemist (Chris Lemmon, who was on Thunder In Paradise) and an assassin (Gretchen Becker, Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence) together to track him down. In the midst of all this, Christopher Plummer shows up as a military man out to use Firehead to take over the world. And Martin Landau? Oh, he should know better. He really should.

If you think you have the gumption to deal with this, well…it’s on Amazon Prime. You’d be better off watching it in RiffTrax form, though.

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