Schizo (1976)

A young girl watches her mother get murdered. Years later, she’s grown to become a famous ice skating star and is set to be married. But once she announces those nuptials in the newspaper, a stalker grows more and more obsessed with her. One by one, her friends start to die and she wonders…does she know the killer?

Also known as Amok and Blood of the Undead, this film fits into a post-Psycho and giallo yet pre-slasher world. It’s also definitely British. And it’s one of many films where exposure to sex at a young age makes you a killer. I’m not giving away anything but if you don’t figure out the ending twist within the first few minutes unless you have never watched a horror film before.

This is another Peter Walker directed, David McGillivray written film — they also worked on Frightmare, House of Whipcord and House of Mortal Sin together.

Lead actress Lynne Frederick is also in the Saul Bass directed Phase IV and became the wife of Peter Sellers at the age of 22. They had a rocky marriage but his death haunted her throughout the rest of her short life, hurting her next two marriages (she was also married to David Frost). She even had a shrine to Sellers in her home. She’s really good here and it’s a shame her life was so rough.

Plus, you get Joe Meek protege John Leyton as her husband (Meek was the producer and songwriter who pioneered space age pop), Stephanie Beacham (Dracula A.D. 1972) as the best friend (and eye candy) and Jack Watson (Peeping Tom).

It never really gets to where you want it to be, but it’s not the worst film. It just doesn’t really understand what schizophrenia is, despite the long medical introduction. Redemption has released this film on DVD and blu-ray, so you should be able to find it used pretty cheaply. I watched it on YouTube, so there’s always that, too.

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