Zone Troopers (1985)

Happy Independence Day, everyone. Today, we’re going to talk about a movie that concerns World War 2 and a secret part of that war that nobody talks about: aliens.

In Italy, an American military patrol discovers a crashed spaceship and its alien crew. It also finds itself up against a Nazi flank packed with soldiers and tanks. Also: Hitler gets punched in the face.

Written by Paul De Meo (Eliminators) and directed by Danny Bilson (who also wrote The Rocketeer), this is a film long on humor and crazy ideas but short on plot. If you like Trancers, well, you’ll like this as it shares a lot of the same actors. Tim Thomerson is great as the near-mythic Sarge, a man who never dies no matter how many times he’s shot. If you’ve ever read Sergeant Rock, he’ll seem pretty familiar.

If Empire Pictures was around today, they’d be talking about a shared universe where characters from ReAnimator would battle Jack Deth from Trancers and The Dungeonmaster. Oh man — don’t forget RoboJoxDollsThe Eliminators and Klaus Kinski from Crawlspace!

If you’re sick of launching off bottle rockets today, by all means, sit down and watch this. You can find it at Amazon Prime.

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