Die Screaming, Marianne (1971)

Marianne (Susan George, Tintorera…Tiger Shark) has been on the run from her family and the criminals they’ve hired, because on her 21st birthday, she inherits millions of dollars from her mother and the legal papers that will incriminate her father, the Judge (Leo Genn, A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin).

After being chased by those criminals away from her go-go dancing job, Marianne meets up with Sebastian, who takes her to London and tries to marry her. She’s not all that into it, so she plays with him and writes the name of his best man Eli on the wedding certificate. She starts to fall for Eli at the same time that she learns that her father had hired Sebastian to bring his daughter back to him.

Meanwhile, Marianne’s sister Hildegard has been in love with her father — and I mean in love in the most sexual of sense — and wants to kill her sister. Of course, she also gets with Sebastian and tries to put the moves on Eli.

Your enjoyment will depend on how much you like 1970’s kitsch and the directorial style of Peter Walker (SchizoThe Comeback).

Want to see it? It’s on Shudder.

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