I’ll Be Watching (2023)

Julie (Eliza Taylor) is mourning the loss of her sister when her tech geek husband Marcus (Bob Morley) goes away for a weekend, leaving her within their gadget-filled high security home. Seeing as how this is a thriller, well, you can imagine that things go wrong.

Julie’s been dealing with guilt ever since she sent her sister Rebecca (Hannah Fierman) to feed her cat and gets her killed by someone hiding inside her place. Months later, her husband and her therapist Dr. Tate (Bryan Batt) have come up with a plan, by moving her out of that place of trauma, and into that aforementioned AI protected house. That said, the security system that Marcus created, Hera, didn’t protect Rebecca all that well.

Yes, it’s everything you expect: a woman being potentially gaslit — Did you take your pills? You know what your doctor said! — while dealing with guilt and a bad marriage. And when someone gets in the house — the same house whose last owner went mysteriously missing — well, you know exactly where this movie is going.

The couple at the heart of this, Taylor and Morely, are an actual married couple and appeared on the show The 100 together. He’s barely in this, watching from afar, but man, I hope their real marriage is better than the one in this movie. I also kind of hope that their marriage is better than this movie.

Director Erik Benard and writers Elisa Manzini and Sara Sometti Michaels don’t really add anything new to gaslit wife genre — is it a genre? — but if you’re looking for a movie where a robot vacuum cleaner hobbles a heroine who may be going hysterical, this is here for you. It looks nice, sounds great and sadly doesn’t seem to go anywhere new until the end of the movie throws in some twists.

Look, my mom has Alexa running her house and it just keeps repeating and answering questions wrong, as well as always turning on the incorrect lights. I’ll stick with light switches. Or maybe candles, I’m becoming a luddite, other than all the time I spend updating this site.

I’ll Be Watching is available now from Uncork’d Entertainment .

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