The Curse of Wolf Mountain (2023)

AJ (Keli Price, the writer of this movie) keeps dreaming of the night his parents died. When his psychiatrist, Dr. Avery (Tobin Bell) recommends that he go to where they were killed — look, this is just bad advice and if the truly terrifying Tobin Bell is your therapist, something is very off — with his brother Max (David Lipper, the director).

But come on. We all know that nothing good comes from looking into the mysterious past of your parents. Leave it be. Stay alive. Or, you know, go to Wolf Mountain.

If you saw a wolf-masked man kill your parents twenty years ago, would you go back to the scene of the horrific crime and bring along your pregnant wife*? Would you let your brother bring his wife**? Her sister***? Her sister’s boyfriend****? Your cousin*****?

No. You would not. You would be smarter than that.

But where is Danny Trejo, you may wonder. Well, he’s a crook named Eddie who has come to Wolf Mountain with his friend Joe (Kenny Yates) to bury some money.

At this point, you might expect this to be a film that has Bell and Trejo have a scene together.

No. It is not.

It is a slasher and it’s not that good and I say that as someone who has watched some of the most bottom of the barrel from the slasher boom years. I know this is a complaint that could go for so many movies, but why are things so dark and hard to see?

I was disappointed because this started with good ideas and I like the look of the killer. Here’s hoping. the next movie that Lipper and Price make is an improvement.

The Curse of Wolf Mountain is available from Uncork’d Entertainment.

*Samantha (Karissa Lee Staples)

**Lexi (Fernanda Romero)

***Emma (Malu Trevejo)

****James (Matt Rife)

*****Ric (Eddie McClintock)

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