Ghoulies IV (1994)

It took this long to get an actual Ghoulies sequel.

Jonathan Graves (Peter Liapis) from the first movie was once an occultist and is now a cop. He has a necklace that can bring his evil doppelganger into our world and that evil side is worshipped by Alexandra (Stacie Randall, Puppet Master 4Trancers 4), who wants that necklace so she can bring him full-time into our reality by sacrificing Graves’ lover Jeannie (Raquel Krelle). Jonathan is helped by his ex, Kate (Barbara Alyn Woods), who is also a cop. And yes, Johnathan used to be with Alexandra as well. No wonder he needs a second version of himself.

For some reason, the ghoulies are now split into dark and light forms — dark is Tony Cox and light is Arturo Gil — and they’re just little people in suits. That said, they get the best line: “See you in the sequel… Ghoulies 4… Part 2!”

Why were they just costumes? Cinetel Films couldn’t afford to use the puppet props of the original Ghoulies. The budget is so tight that the same exact car chase from 976-EVIL II is used. Director Jim Wynorski makes a play for being the American Bruno Mattei here, but for some reason, I see Mattei’s thievery as more pure. He also rewrote the script from Mark Sevi (who also wrote Dream a Little Dream 2 which has Randall in it) with the help of Liapis.

The beginning is great, as Alexandra breaks into a museum and goes full on Ninja 3 on a bunch of security guards. I wish this had more moments like that. It’s cheap and messy, but for some reason, I watched all four Ghoulies movies in one day so I wasn’t bored.

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