TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Hunting Games (2023)

Directed and written by Justin Lee (Final Kill, Apache JunctionBig Legend, Hellblazers), this movie tells the story of a a bag of stolen money — which started as part of a D.B. Cooper-style leap from a plane — being lost and ex-military types being hired to find the cash before the FBI. The problem? A hunter finds it first and ends up knowing the woods better than they do.

Will Walker (Chris Tamburello) is that hunter, finding himself up against some actual killing machines like Austin (former UFC star Tito Ortiz) out in the woods. There’s gunfire aplenty, including a grenade launcher that lies waste to the environment. It even goes hand to hand for a bit before a group of hunters spots the carnage and says, “Are you guys OK? It sounded like a lot of shots being fired.”

Did they not hear the grenade launcher?

Amazingly, this is the second movie in the last few months that I’ve seen with former Samhain drummer London may in the cast. The other was s Night of the Bastard (2022). Man, what’s next Eerie Von as a fireman? Lyle Presnar as a lawyer?

You know who else is in this? Danny Trejo. You have to respect that he’s in the Donald Pleasence phase of his career where he can just show up for a few minutes and be the top person on the poster. Maybe Kalus Kinski would be a closer comparison?

I liked that this movie came down to two men in the woods trying to kill each other for a bag of money. It got pretty intense and anyone that came between them paid the price.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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