Night of the Bastard (2022)

Reed (London May, yes, the drummer/bassist in Danzig’s band Samhain) lives in a trailer in the middle of nowhere, getting bombed on his homemade mead and hanging out with his only friend, Marlon the  turtle. He has a lot of land and just wants left alone, so when he kicks Pete (Cesar Cipriano), Kiera (Mya Hudson) and George (Philip Rossi) off his property, it’s on brand. And then they stumble into a Satanic ritual and things go south — of Heaven — for everyone.

Only Kiera survives and the high priestess Claire (Hannah Pierce) and her followers give chase all the way to Reed’s place. As they start to attack his trailer, he has to get out of this night alive and hopefully protect this stranger he barely knows.

Directed by Eric Boccio and written by Christian Ackerman and Chuck Foster from a story by Boccio and May, Night of the Bastard is a violent and fun throwback to the Satanic shockers of the 70s, opening with a ritual by hippies, one that isn’t completed and must wait until now to be recast. May’s character is just caught up in it — or so it seems — and his survival skills come in handy when dealing with an army of hooded devil lovers.

As you know, I love movies like The Devil’s Rain!, so this film was pretty much made for me. It has some nice practical effects, a bad ass hero and an intoxicating villain who sadly has some pretty dumb coven members. What can you do? Finding the right people these days is so difficult for everyone.

Bonus points for the last shot and the triumphant return of Marlon.

Night of the Bastard is laying now in select theaters as well as on demand. Want to know more? Check out the official site.

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