TUBI EXCLUSIVE: A Good Man (2023)

Ethan Carter (Joel Smith, who in addition to acting has directed and wrote several of his own movies) is trying to get over his ex-wife (Shelby Leigh) of six years who cheated on him. He’s put in the work of therapy — even if his friend and business partner Matt (Robert Q. Jackson) says that black men don’t do therapy and that all he needs is drink therapy and sex therapy — and feels ready to connect with someone in a meaningful relationship. That’s when he meets Arianna (Ebony Tates) at a Hibachi Go (2185 8 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48091) as her card gets declined. So he pays it forward and gets her food for her. That’s their meet cute, but seeing as how she claims that mean is her middle name — and his mom’s is messed up — things already seem off before they even get to their first date.

Ethan is one of those nice guys that gives everything to their girl, including her own hairstylist business, a new car, a rental property, you name it. I don’t really get that she gives to him. She’s frequently late for dates, yells at him at every opportunity and used to date Kaos (King Wesley) who once nearly got her killed in a drive-by shooting. Or maybe his name is Chaos, because Ari can’t spell either. And she tends to quote Chris Brown in casual conversation.

He thinks she’s fascinating. She thinks he’s a square. Here’s what’s up: her danger is straight-up boner fuel for this sensitive man — Ari refers to him as a soft ass brother (well, she doesn’t use that word) — who  sends flowers after the first date, the second date, every date. He’s the kind of guy that says, “My lower back is killing me,” to quote LL Cool J. He even takes her out on a boat, while she visits his office and gets naked on his desk.

So yeah, it’s working out.

There are red flags all over though. He keeps bringing up her thug dating past while pulling incel moves like giving her big gifts and making her feel guilty. I’ll confess to making this same mistake, as I’ve bought king size beds for at least three women in my life that I never slept in. So when I’m yelling at the screen and calling Ethan all kinds of derogatory names for his perceived weakness as a man, I’m yelling at myself. That said, I never proposed on a boat on the way to Belle Isle.

So we have a man who wants a woman who can be his everything but she’s unsure that she’s even in love with him. That means that when Chaos or Kaos gets out of his stint in jail, he goes right back inside Ari, despite Ethan being a safe guy. She should listen to her friend Mimi (Mica Bivings) who tells her that women bounce back from heartbreak while when you break a man’s heart, you take your life into your own — foreshadowing — hands.

I was pretty shocked that Chaos has no issues just raw dogging his old girl in public, despite the fact that he’s engaged to a new woman (Choo Scott) and has a kid (Italy Monclaire). But you know, when your man is whining about everything and constantly by worried about keeping you happy — yes, again, I am throwing stuff at the screen and remembering every relationship in my 20s, 30s, 40s — maybe you’d rather have your rough ex on top of and behind you. Or as Ari says, “That thug passion hit different. Ethan f*** me like a good guy. But K, he f*** me like a gangster.” She also refers to Ethan’s sex style as “sexually boring ass” and tells Mimi that “I forgot how big he was, girl. I’m sore,” and gets the advice to go soak her thing in the tub and hope that Ethan doesn’t want any for a few days.

Ethan is already feeling like he’s being cheated on and even his friends say he should go back to therapy. But maybe if he tries harder — again, literally screaming at the Tubi — she’ll stop and stay with him. At the same time, Chaos or Kaos or Kevin ends up working for him, renovating the property that he’s buying for Ari and even hiring him as a returning citizen. He looks at Ethan’s desk and sees a picture of his old girl and says, “It’s funny how life works out.”

After another fight — and a heart to heart between Ari and her mother — they decide to take some time off while Ethan goes on a business trip. If you think he’s coming back early and ending up catching his woman getting raw dogged, correct. But man, Ethan has had it and goes full Saw and the movie has twenty minutes left, so it definitely gets wild.

This is director Joe Smith’s first movie, although he wrote 2022’s Diamond Girls, which is also on Tubi. This movie has it all and by all, I mean a played and cucked man having sad sex with his cheating girlfriend, who already has a brutalized beaver, while both cry, him from sheer love and her from being torn up from the floor up. Movie magic is back.

You can watch this on Tubi.

7 thoughts on “TUBI EXCLUSIVE: A Good Man (2023)

  1. A good Man? wow first off “Ethan” is the full package. But i dont like the whole Angry black woman that Ari is portrayed in this movie . Why is she so rude and angry? i like Tubi movies but this one is a big No for me.


    • he wasn’t a ‘good man’,he was batchit crazy and insecure.He talked down to her all the time and made it seem like he was better than her.
      She was herself the whole time but he played a role of what he thought he should be to get a woman


  2. An escalated 1987 Fatal Attraction, A Good Man is filled with foreshadowing and the necessary conclusion. Movies can ask the audience to suspend their disbelief to enjoy the story. This film’s acting and storyline do not require that. The primary actors are perfectly cast and their performances are believable. If we remove the characters from their context, we can get caught up in wondering whether they are portraying stereotypes, and begin to question the portrayals. However, the characters are not caricatures. It’s definitely worth watching. Respectability politics would say that it should not be aired in mixed company. However, the acting was good and the story was believable…as believable as any movie could be.


  3. I felt bad for Ethan he damn sure didn’t deserve what Ari was doing behind his back as for Chaos he was cocky and deserved his fate but I stopped rooting for Ethan when he killed an innocent child this movie proves that us of color needs counseling also nobody is exempt from help


  4. One of few Tubi flicks I was entertained by.. This man held his own for a second. Throughout the ghettoness whom he tried to change to be better. He wasn’t what she wanted and she was used to that Thuggin Love. But the way he handled Chaos family was out of line.
    Ari truly messed up big time.


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