APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Sci-Fighters (1996)

April 13: Kayfabe Cinema — A movie with a pro wrestler in it.

Billy Drago spent four hours or more getting into makeup every day for this movie but man, Drago was an intimdating guy even without the latex. Here, he’s Adrian Dunn, the former partner of Cameron Grayson (Roddy Piper). He killed Cameron’s wife and was sent to a jail on the moon, because this movie takes place in 2009 and director Peter Svatek and writer Mark Sevi (Scanner Cop IIClass of 1999 II: The SubstituteDream a Little Dream 2) thought that man would be living there within 13 years. Well, right now it’s 2023 and I am not writing this from the moon.

But man, this movie goes past expectations by starting with Drago fighting another convict with buzz saws, killing that criminal and then ripping some alien virus out of his face and putting it into a hole he’s cut into his arm. He dies, but really he becomes monstrous and is sent back to Earth as a corpse that wakes up and instantly assaults and infects a woman.

Now, every woman that Dunn sees looks like Cameron’s dead wife and he keeps knocking them up with alien virus creatures. Luckily, Dr. Kirbie Younger (Jayne Heltmeyer) is around to help figure out how to stop the virus. She also looks just like — you know it — Cameron’s dead wife.

This is a perfectly fine straight to video science fiction movie that makes good use of Piper. I can always watch more movies with Drago as the bad guy, too.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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