The Reaper Man (2023)

How low was the budget for this movie? Well, director, writer, cinematographer, grip, editor and executive producer Janon Lockridge could only afford to hire a makeup artist and a producer. And that producer, Taylor Gilliland, had to act in the film due to an actress being a no-show during production. To top that, there was so little money that Lockridge was only allowed to visit locations an hour before call time, which meant that he had to block the scenes and change them with little to no time for error.

Joseph (Kenon Walker) and Jessica (Jessica Jai Johnson) thought they had their dream home until someone outbids them. When they get back to their not such a dream home, it’s when some burglars are in the middle of a home invasion and Joseph gets killed. But by the time the cops catch the suspects, they’re already dead.

After a visit to Sheba (Tarsha Gibson), a voodoo priestess, Joseph is no longer the man that Jessica once loved. Now, he’s the Reaper Man. Obviously, many will compare this to Candyman, but for the budget, this works really well and Lockridge shows his skills in the face of hardship, including the death of his father while he was in production.

The Reaper Man is available on digital and on demand from Gravitas Ventures.

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