APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Dear Murderer (1969)

April 14: Tiger Style — Grab a Shaw Brothers film and write about how great it is.

Tu Chang (Peter Chen Ho) has a problem.

His boss Yeh Kuang Lung (Liu Kei) thinks so much of him that he’s prepared to give him the ultimate compliment by awarding him his beloved daughter Jenny (Betty Ting Pei, she whose apartment is where Bruce Lee scandalously died within) in marriage.

The problem?

Tu Chang has already made company typist Lan Fen (Pat Ting Hung) pregnant.

Even worse, she promises to tell the boss unless he does the right thing.

That means killing Lan Fen and going all Poe on her, walling her dead body into an abandoned house.

Yet this is a Shaw Brothers movie and the dead never stay quiet in their stories.

Unlike many of their movies, this was directed by a Japanese filmmaker, Shima Koji, and is a remake of his movie Kaidan otoshiana. It’s a bit slow, but it looks gorgeous and man, that poster, right?

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