APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Model By Day (1994)

April 2: Forgotten Heroes — Share a superhero movie that no one knows but you.

There was actually a Model By Day comic book which ran all of two issues from Rip-Off Press by creator Kevin J. Taylor before somehow getting to be a Fox TV movie. Even crazier, one of its writers, Jeph Loeb, would go on to write comics like Batman: The Long HalloweenSuperman for All Seasons, several issues of X-Men and oh yeah, the Heroes Reborn Captain AmericaAvengersIron Man and Onslaught Reborn. His writing partner on this, Matthew Weisman, also wrote Commando and Teen Wolf with Loeb.

Look, after Tim Burton made Batman, Hollywood was crazy for anything superhero. How else can you explain The Phantom and The Rocketeer and The Shadow — I love these movies, but you know, I may be the only one — getting their own movies?

Airing on October 12, 1993, Model By Day stars Famke Jannsen — one day she will be Jean Grey of the Uncanny X-Men — as Lex, who is, you guessed it, a model by day and Lady X, a superhero vigilante of the evening. When her photographer roommate Jae (Traci Lind, Fright Night 2) nearly loses an eye in a carjacking, she uses the Tae Kwon Do she has learned from Master Chang (whitewashing warning, actor Clark Johnson is not Asian) and gets some revenge which means going up against the Russian mob. There’s also another Lady X causing problems, which seems like something you do in the second chapter not the first.

Toronto plays New York City, Kim Coates is a bad guy, Von Flores is the kinda maybe not a bad guy, Stephen Shellen plays love interest Lt. Eddie Walker and I feel like I cast this because Sean Young and Shannon Tweed are both in it. I mean, this is a movie about a comic character who uses handcuffs as her weapon and it’s like, so male gaze that I wondered if I should feel bad about liking it so much but then again, I do watch a lot of Joe D’Amato so I think I’m beyond forgiveness.

Director Christian Duguay also made Scanners II: The New Order and Scanners III: The Takeover, as well as Screamers. The Phillip K. Dick one. Not the one that promises that you will see a man get turned inside out.

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