EDITOR’S NOTE: This was first on the site on September 19, 2021.

Psychiatrist C.J. Arnold (Richard Crenna) has bought an abandoned Civil War mansion that was built over hot sulfur pits, which seems like it may instantly be an issue beyond the fact that, you know, the house is totally haunted. But sure, why not turn it into a place where drug addicts can cold turkey sweat out all the stuff in their systems.

His wife Dr. Caroline Arnold (Joanna Pettet, who had lunch with Sharon Tate the afternoon of her death) is able to sense that there’s something wrong, so she heads to the basement and unleashes it because, well, we wouldn’t have a movie otherwise.

And what a movie we have, with people spontaneously combusting, dogs suicidally knocking Cassie Yates (Rolling Thunder, Sarah Curtis on Dynasty) off a balcony, people sawing off their own hands, Mandy Pepperidge being abducted by some kind of ghostly entity, bodies coming back from the dead, said entities ripping clothes off of women, Andrew Prine drowning in quicksand and Victor Buono as the devil.

Shot at the Montezuma Castle in Las Vegas, New Mexico — a one-time health spa and retreat that became a Jesuit college that had fallen into decay — The Evil is yet another dependable movie by Gus Trikonis. Between this, Nashville GirlThe SidehackersMoonshine County ExpressShe’s Dressed to Kill and Take This Job and Shove It, his name guarantees that I’ll be totally entertained.

The Evil is a section 3 video nasty and totally earns it. You can watch this on Tubi.

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