She’s Dressed to Kill (1979)

Gus Trikonis — yes, the same man that brought you Nashville GirlThe Evil, Supercock and Take This Job and Shove It — directed this made for TV movie, which originally aired on NBC on December 10, 1979.

Also known as Someone’s Killing the World’s Greatest Models, it’s pretty much a giallo made for late seventies TV audiences.

Jessica Walter — star of this era’s made for TV fare and the future Lucille Bluth — stars along with Joana Cassidy, “Woman of a Thousand Faces” Eleanor Parker, Corinne Calvet (a one-time starlet who was sued by an ex-husband of using voodoo to control him), Ripley’s Believe It or Not! co-host Catherine Shirriff, Barbara Cason (Exorcist II: The Heretic), Clive Revill, Jim McMullan and Connie Sellecca. They’re all trapped at a fashionable party in the mountains as one by one they’re killed with no way to escape.

1979 was a magical year. Drink it in and watch this on YouTube:

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