As a storm tears through Manhattan, four convicts narrowly escape the crash of their prison transport. Bomber Christie (Robert Carradine), sex criminal Eddy (Terry Haig), murderer Marcus (Victor B. Tyler) and arsonist Chico (Don Granbery) are free to take over a building, steal some money, find a getaway car and oh yeah, assault Annie (Belinda Montgomery) and destroy the Picasso of Richard (Ray Milland). What they didn’t count on was police officer Dan Evans (Jim Mitchum) finding them.

There are also roles for June Allyson, Jean-Pierre Aumont, John Wildman, Vlasta Vrana and Peter MacNeill. If you watched your share of Canadian exploitation movies, you’d recognize Wildman from Skullduggery and Humongous.

It’s a mean movie made by the director of one of my favorite films. Yes, Eddy Matalon made Cathy’s Curse before this and he hasn’t lost his edge, putting man, woman, child and dogs in harm’s way. It was written by John C.W. Saxton, who wrote Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS under the name Jonah Royston as well as Happy Birthday to Me and Class of 1984. The story was inspired by an idea from John Dunning, who has just as wild of a resume, as he wrote all three Snake Eater movies and produced Daughters of DarknessThe Possession of VirginiaShiversRabidThe House by the LakeMeatballsThe SurrogateThe Vindicator and wow, Buffalo ’66. He was also responsible for one of Canada’s first erotic movies, Valérie.

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