NEW WORLD PICTURES MONTH: Black Oak Conspiracy (1977)

Hollywood stuntman Jingo Johnson (Jesse Vint, Pigs) has come back home to see his mother before she dies. The family farm has been taken over by a mining company, his old girl Lucy (Karen Carlson, The Student Nurses) is dating one of the mining crew (Robert F. Lyons) and Sheriff Otis Grimes (Albert Salmi) has it in for him.

He learns from Nurse Beulah Barnes (Mary Charlotte Wilcox, Beast of the Yellow Night and, strangely, two seasons of SCTV) that the mining company also owns the hospital that his mother is in, amongst other farmers, and has been keeping them asleep with a concoction of narcotics. Even worse, the pills they gave her caused the disease that soon takes her life.

It turns out that the law is behind all of this — the title makes sense! — and they want Jingo to take the fall for several murders. Oh man, the 70s, a time when redneck — I say this in the kindest of ways as taught by Joe Bob — movies played with conspiracy film!

This was directed by Bob Kelljan, who made Count Yorga, VampireThe Return of Count YorgaScream Blacula Scream and Flesh of my Flesh. It was written by Hugh Smith (Moonshine County ExpressThe GloveNight Creature) and Vint, who clashed with Kelljan and felt he was the wrong director for this movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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