Tubi picks 31

After a break, I’m back with more picks to watch on Tubi.

1. Tropic of Cancer: TUBI LINK

I don’t even know what category this movie goes into. Mondo voodoo giallo sex film? It does have Anita Strindberg in it, which is enough to get me to watch.

2. The Barbarians: TUBI LINK

Director Ruggero Deodato brings together Richard Lynch, twin muscleheads called the Barbarian Brothers, George Eastman and Michael Berryman and the results are everything you dreamed that they would be.

3. Alone In the T-Shirt Zone: TUBI LINK

Writer/director/t-shirt designer/sound man and probably everything else Mike B. Anderson went from creating this to working on The Simpsons. None of that will prepare you for this movie as it’s one of the weirdest teen sex comedies — is it a comedy? — I have ever watched.

4. Curfew: TUBI LINK

If you’re looking for a movie where Kyle Richards causes one murderous brother to murder the other with a drill, well, here it is.

5. The Initiation: TUBI LINK

A mall-based slasher with Daphne Zuniga, Clu Gulager, Vera Miles and a great ending.

6. Who Saw Her Die?: TUBI LINK

If you see one movie where a father has sex instead of watching his daughter and spends the rest of the movie hunting her killing through the canals of Venice, you should probably watch Don’t Look Now. In fact, you may not even realize there’s another movie with the same plot. Actually, there is and to be honest, it’s really good. And believe it or not, this movie came out a year before Roeg’s.

7. The People Under the Stairs: TUBI LINK

Wes Craven would say that this movie was closer to The Hills Have Eyes than any film he’d done in a while, telling Fangoria that it was “a raw film with no dreams in it whatsoever. It’s an extraordinary, real situation involving an awful family that shouldn’t exist, but unfortunately, often does.” I mean, that’s kind of poetic, huh?

8. Drop Dead Fred: TUBI LINK

We live in an amazing world where a movie once impossible to find can now be streamed anywhere and any time.

9. Southland Tales: TUBI LINK

Richard Kelly made Donnie Darko, a film that had a cult that is still obsessed with it, and then followed that movie with Southland Tales, which has, well, probably me still trying to figure it out. I love this movie nonetheless.

10. The Blood Spattered Bride: TUBI LINK

This movie may be like The Vampire Lovers and Daughters of Darkness, but those movies don’t have their protagonist’s sexual awakening come complete with remembering that her husband uses her for sex whenever he wants it without pleasure for her, so she blows another man’s balls clean off with a shotgun.

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