Alone in the T-Shirt Zone (1986)

Writer/director/t-shirt designer/sound man and probably everything else Mike B. Anderson went from creating this to working on The Simpsons. None of that will prepare you for this movie.

Michael Mikaele is in an insane asylum, a place where his doctor assaults him while he sleeps in a coma, trapped in his mind, a victim of the past where he’s made t-shirts for the last eight years. He once made a shirt for a girl and it said Foxy Lady, but she left him, took the money from the profits and now he keeps making that shirt day after day after day. And when he tries to escape, he just ends up at parties where every woman seems to be wearing that Foxy Lady shirt.  Finally, after a series of t-shirts with the logos of body organs come out of his chest, he ends up back where the film started.

Somehow, New Concorde got the rights to this movie and had to figure out how to sell it. Maybe make it seem like a sex comedy instead of a voyage into arty sadness? Or do what they did in Argentina and change the title to Sexy Lady? Can you imagine being a horny teen and renting this, then realizing that you got a paean to hopelessness?

You can watch this on YouTube.

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