Axecalibur (2017)

Originally known as The Legend of the Mad Axeman, this film tells the story of an urban legend who just may be true, an insane man with an axe who has killed in the past and has now returned to murder again. I mean, that new title — Axecalibur — and the poster art totally got this on in my DVD player before everything else in my to watch stack.


A young reporter and an author work together to discover if the Mad Axeman is real. Spoiler warning: If he were a hoax, we wouldn’t have this movie to watch.

There’s some great synth in this and a fair amount of padding, but I’m for more movies with possessed axes. Come on, filmmakers!

This was written and directed by Russ Gomm and Phillip Means, who started this movie off with a shorter version filmed in 2014. They’ve also made The Welcoming, Star Wars: Force of Evil and Beacon together.

You can watch this on Tubi or get the DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.

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