SLASHER MONTH: Curfew (1989)

Gary Winick sadly died young from brain cancer, but left behind Charlotte’s WebTadpole13 Going On 30Letter to Juliet and this one, his first movie.

Stephanie Davenport (Kyle Richards, who had already survived a demonic car and Michael Myers at this point in her life) is out all night with her friends while her parents Walter and Megan (Frank Miller and Jean Brooks) leave for vacation. At the same time, Ray and Bob Perkins (Wendell Wellman and John Putch) have escaped from death row and come back to where the Davenports live, because Walter is the DA that put them away. He’s last on their list of bloody terror.

According to The Unknown Movies, “the British Board of Film Classification banned the movie from getting released on video in England.” I’m not sure why, as even though there’s torture and murder. It all feels like it’s way more than good taste though.

Perhaps they knew it would be too much to have Christopher Knight as a cop?

Regardless, if you’re looking for a movie where Kyle Richards causes one murderous brother to murder the other with a drill, well, here it is.

You can buy this from Vinegar Syndrome.

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