TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Frankie Meets Jack (2023)

Tubi excels at finding movies that would have once been cable or even network made for TV movies and presenting them to you whenever you want to watch them. Like Frankie Meets Jack, which has Frankie (Samantha Cope) giving up guys and becoming a dog mom for Tucker when she meets veterinarian Jack and his dog Dakota. They keep running into one another, like Jack becoming her vet and her writing his wedding announcement. But you know, with a title like Frankie Meets Jack, they’re going to end up together.

Directed by Andrew Lawrence — yes, Joey’s brother — from a script by Cope, Joey and Groundling Jen Bashian, this is also the final film of Anne Heche even if she’s in it so briefly that you may not spot her. This led my to wonder, are Cope and Joey married? Yes. The answer is yes. And you know, that’s cool, as they’re making movies together and Tubi is paying for the innocuous and cute results. It’s predictable, but some people on Letterboxd  and IMDB reviewed this as if it beat up their elderly mother and it’s just a romcom on a free streaming service. At least the dogs are cute.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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