TUBI EXCLUSIVE: A Neighbor’s Vendetta (2023)

Sonja (Chelsea Gilligan) and her husband Jason (Steven Good) are going through some rough times, so she’s been sexting and getting close to her boss Robert (Austen Jaye). When that man is found dead in a hotel room — where he was waiting for her — Sonja decides to go back to their marriage.

Mia (Sydney Cole Alexander) was Robert’s wife and she’s just learned that he was having an affair. She smells another woman’s perfume in the room where he died — of autoerotic asphyxiation during phone sex! — and recognizes it when she passes by Mia in Robert’s office.

As for Sonja and Jason, they decide to move to a remote cabin and reconnect, even if that’s been difficult since the death of their child. A neighbor named Clare soon introduces herself to Jason and if you haven’t guessed that she’s Mia, well, you’ve never watched a Lifetime movie before.

Directed and written by Rainy Kerwin, this hits all the expected spots of the erotic thriller, even if most of the erotic is in the beginning with Mia’s husband sending some pretty racy — even for Tubi — texts to his new lover. Spoiler warning but these Tubi movies love having the villain get away with their plans, unless this is a set up for A Neighbor’s Vendetta 2 and you know, I think that’s totally what’s about to happen.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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