CLEOPATRA BLU RAY RELEASE: The Ghosts of Monday (2022)

Eric (Mark Huberman) is a TV director who has come to film a show all about the Hotel Gula, which had a hundred people die of rat poisoning in the 90s and yeah, it’s been built on a burial ground dedicated to one of the Edler Gods so nothing good can come out of this for any of this movie’s characters, as this goes from The Shining to The Haunting of Hill House to Lovecraft, along with a giallo-esque series of murders.

Director Francesco Cinquemani, who co-wrote this with Andy Edwards, Mark Thompson-Ashworth (who worked on Joe D’Amato’s The Hyena and I predatori delle Antille) and Barry Keating from a story by Loris Curci, does a decent job of showing us what the Italian exploitation industry would be making today if it never died out in the mid 80s with a pastiche of Argento-inspired murder scenes.

I liked the idea that the host of the show, Bruce (Julian Sands), wants fake ghosts put in the movie and yet doesn’t even realize that the weird old couple he drinks with every night (Anthony Skordi and Maria Ioannou) are probably spirits. Add in Eric’s ex-wife — and Bruce’s daughter — Sofia (Marianna Rosset) suddenly acting strange and an ancient goddess trapped in the hotel and an end of the world element that I didn’t see coming and this all ends up being rather fun.

You can get the Cleopatra Records release of The Ghosts of Monday from MVD.

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