JESS FRANCO MONTH: Residencia para espías (1968)

Based on the Michael Loggan novel Leyton et les Chatelaines, Jess Franco directed and wrote this movie about American secret agent Dan Leyton (Eddie Constantine) being sent to Istanbul to investigate a spy ring operating out of a boardinghouse for women. His girlfriend Marion (Anita Hoffer) is also there working undercover, which complicates things when Janet Spokane (Diana Lorys), the wife of the man in charge of all of this evil spy planning, tries to seduce him.

It fits squarely into the Eurospy world but at least has some of Franco’s love of jazz in there, even if none of the astoundingly strange things he would soon bring to cinema. That said, Lorys is, as always, gorgeous. She’d also appear in Franco’s The Bloody Judge as well as the oddball Westerns Get Mean and Blindman, as well as Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll.

I love looking at reviews of this: Eurospy fans say its boring and Franco fans are excited by how good of a setting Turkey could be for the film.

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