JESS FRANCO MONTH: El lago de las vírgenes (1982)

The Lake of the Virgins is Jess Franco making Treasure Island, but this being Jess Franco, this concerns a young man and his drunken grandfather seeking treasure but the boy instead discovers three sirens who are the offspring of native girls and pirates. Despite his grandfather paying a working girl to deflower our protagonist, he’s fascinated by the women and is given their care by their dying mother, which means he ends up making love to all of them — Paula, the main sister, is played by Katja Bienert from Killer Barbys vs. Dracula and Linda — before others come to the island that care more for treasure than young lust.

There isn’t a great print of this — give the world of boutique blu ray labels time, all Franco movies will be available in the finest formats someday, one believes — this has gorgeous scenery and Franco being chaste for him, which is sex-obsessed for any other director.

If you like this, he also made the more mainstream Fifteen-Year-Old Captain.

You can download this from the Internet Archive.

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