APRIL MOVIE THON 2 announcement

All April long, there will be thirty themes as writing prompts. If you’d like to be part of April Movie Thon 2, you can just send us an article for that day to bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com or post it on your site and share it out with the hashtag #BSAprilMovieThon.

I’m excited to see some new writers — and old friends — join in!

Here are the themes!

April 1: New boss, same as the old boss — Start the month off with something that’s April Fool’s in nature.

April 2: Forgotten Heroes — Share a superhero movie that no one knows but you.

April 3: Rock and role — A film that stars a rock star.

April 4: Remake, remix, ripoff — A shameless remake, remix or ripoff of a much better known movie. Allow your writing to travel the world (we recommend Italy or Turkey).

April 5: Roger Corman’s birthday — Whether he produced or directed the movie, share a movie for Corman’s birthday.

April 6: Viva Mexico — Pick a movie from Mexico and escribir acerca de por qué es tan increíble.

April 7: Jackie Day — Celebrate Jackie Chan’s birthday!

April 8: Film Ventures International — Share a movie was released by Edward Montoro’s company. Here’s a list!

April 9: Easter Sunday– You don’t have to believe to watch and share a religious movie.

April 10: Nightmare USA — Celebrate Stephen Thrower’s book by picking a movie from it. Here’s all of them in a list.

April 11: Upsetting — What movie upsets you? Write about it and share it.

April 12: 412 Day — A movie about Pittsburgh (if you’re not from here that’s our area code). Or maybe one made here. Heck, just write about Striking Distance if you want.

April 13: Kayfabe Cinema — A movie with a pro wrestler in it.

April 14: Tiger Style — Grab a Shaw Brothers film and write about how great it is.

April 15: King Yourself! — Pick a movie released by Crown International Pictures. Here’s a list!

April 16: Shaken, Stirred, Whatever — Write about a Eurospy movie that’s kind of like Bond but not Bond.

April 17: Party Over, Whoops — Select a movie from 1999.

April 18: Vroom — A movie mostly about cars.

April 19: Weird Wednesday — Write about a movie that played on a Weird Wednesday, as collected in the book Warped & Faded: Weird Wednesday and the Birth of the American Genre Film Archive. Here’s a list.

April 20: Screw the Medveds — Here’s a list of the movies that the Medveds had in their Golden Turkey Awards books. What do they know? Defend one of the movies they needlessly bashed.

April 21: Gone Legitimate — A movie featuring an adult film actor in a mainstream role.

April 22: Terror Vision — Write about a movie released by Terror Vision. Here’s the list.

April 23: Region Horror — A regional horror movie. Here’s a list if you need an idea.

April 24: Do You Like Tubi Originals? — I do. You should find one and write about it. Here’s a list to help.

April 25: Bava Forever: Bava died on this day 43 years ago. Let’s watch his movies.

April 26: American Giallo: Make the case for a movie that you believe is an American giallo.

April 27: Until You Call on the Dark — Pick a movie from the approved movies list of the Church of Satan. Here’s the list.

April 28: Alan Smithee — IMDB has 115 movies credited to the Alan Smithee pseudonym, which was created by the Directors Guild of America for use when a director doesn’t want their name on a movie.

April 29: Drop A Bomb — Please share your favorite critical and financial flop with us!

April 30: How the (Not) West Was Won — A Western not made in America.

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