JESS FRANCO MONTH: The Story of Linda (1981)

Betsy Norman (Ursula Buchfellner, Sadomania) works at a Spanish hotel that’s really a brothel that draws in raincoaters worldwide for their BDSM shows. Shiela (Raquel Evans) and Ron (Antonio Mayans) have made a place where fantasies are catered to and its where Linda (Katja Bienert, who was in quite a few of Franco’s movies of this time) is tempted by this word of sin.

Known in Germany as Die Nackten Superhexen vom Rio Amore (The Naked Superwitches from Rio Amore), this movie has a wild disco soundtrack and a juxtaposition of summer vacation first love with enforced servitude, which is my shorthand for telling you that it’s a Jess Franco movie.

Made right after Bloody Moon, this is more one for the meal than one for the reel for Franco, but his obsessions come through. A warning though, that Bienert was underage while making  this movie, just as she was in several other movies she made with Franco such as Diamonds of KilimandjaroLilian (la virgen pervertida)El lago de las vírgenes and Wicked Memories of Eugenie.

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