JESS FRANCO MONTH: Les nuits brûlantes de Linda (1975)

The Hot Nights of Linda AKA Who Raped Linda? is all about Marie-France Bertrand (Alice Arno), who goes to a small town to take care of the family of Paul Steiner (Paul Muller), including his disabled daughter Linda (Verónica Llimerá), who is abused by her sex-obsessed sister Olivia (who else but Lina Romay?).

Credited to J.P. Johnson — a jazz pianist whose name Jess Franco appropriated for this movie — this movie comes from a year in which Franco made thirteen movies and started and didn’t finish three more.

The introduction of Marie to this environment leads to, of course, sapphic encounters, mystery, mayhem and potentially murder. Also, Lina Romay and a banana, which is pretty much the most pure bottled form of the madness that is inside Franco’s mind.

At one point Olivia says, “It’s marvelous to live without a sense of time” and that’s the most perfect sentence to describe a Jess Franco movie and what it’s like to be a character within one of these movies.

You can get this from Severin.

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