MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Ultraman Kids: 3,000 Light Years in Search of Mother (1992)

You know,  if I had first seen Urutoraman Kizzu: Haha wo Tazunete 3000-man Koune back in 1992, I would have hated it. How dare they make a kid cartoon out of my beloved Ultraman? Now that I’m older, I find it charming and had a lot of fun watching it. Maybe there’s something to be said about not being so precious about things you love.

The 1984 Urutoraman Kizzu special was a hit, so why not do an entire show?

The hero of this show is Maa, an Ultra who survived a spaceship crash and met Grosser-sensei, a kind monster who raised him as if he were his own child. Grosser-sensai is voiced by Takeshi Aono, who was also Sanada Shiro on Space Battleship Yamato amongst so many other voices.

Even though he has friends and a new family, he still wonders where his parents could be, so he decides to travel into space to find them.

He is joined by other Ultras, including his crush Piko, the Ultraseven-lookalike Cebu, the Ultraman Taro sports star Taa, Rookie, Ace, Root and Nozzy. They attend class with a bully named Bal, which makes sense, as he’s an alien Baltan. His friend is an alien Guts named Gutsun, plus there are also monsters like Mephila, Pega, Gomotan, Elepy, Tacon, Poly Poly, Pigko the Pigmon and Midori.

This is a fun show for kids who love Ultraman as the Ultras and monsters get along together, even if they’re rivals at times. I watched most of the set over two days and it was a bright, candy colored burst of sheer joy. I’m going to return to it when I need to improve my mood. I’m so glad that it’s now available in the U.S., thanks to Mill Creek.

You can get this set from Deep Discount.

You can check out the first episode here:

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