JESS FRANCO MONTH: Aberraciones sexuales de una mujer casada (1981)

Shortly after Aberraciones sexuales de una mujer casada (Sexual Perversions of a Married Woman) was finished by director Jess Franco, it was sold to Eurocine. When they released it in France new scenes were shot by Olivier Mathot, using the name Claude Plaut, set in France and featuring him as Cecilia’s uncle.

Yes, that’s right. The heroine of this movie is named Emma Fangas (Muriel Montossé) but this is really the original version of Cecilia, which is the easier version of this movie to find.

You know how people say that some films are troubling? Yeah, they are probably discussing Franco’s films, like this one in which a wife who loves to tease the help ends up getting assaulted by them and she ends up enjoying it. She likes it so much that she explores her sexual freedom but has to decide whether or not she can handle her husband (Antonio Mayans) doing the same.

Shot in a national park in Portugal and featuring a gorgeous soundtrack by Franco and Daniel White, this feels like the most well-thought-out and best filmed of Franco’s erotica in some time, possibly a height that he would not return to. I mean, the zooms are limited, there’s a dolly shot and everything is just perfectly dreamlike. It’s nearly art while not forgetting that it should be hot. It’s on the right side of erotic versus just plain slamming the camera between someone’s thighs.

Also: Lina Romay shows up on stage in an erotic cabaret and you know, I always realize that Lina is going to show up in Franco’s films and I still get excited and laughing and audibly say things like, “Oh Lina,” because the couple that makes filth together quite obviously stayed together.

If you want to compare and contrast this film for yourself, you can download it on the Internet Archive.

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