Kobblestone, the Journey Begins (1995)

Erica Benedikty also made Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments, the Canadian science fiction SOV movie and she kept on in that format when she made this one, a dungeonsynth on video epic in which six friends — Candace, Ray, Mark, Craig, Liz and Norm — sit around a campfire and play Dungeons and Dragons, which brings them into another world in which they actually have to be wizards, clerics, barbarians and thieves.

It’s also very Narnia in that in order to get back to our world, they have to rescue a princess or get stuck forever.

It’s wild that the SOV genre can encompass not just slashers, which are easier to make on a low budget, but several sword and sorcery movies like The Song of the SwordWay Bad Stone, Masters of Magic and this film.

You can make fun of nerdy RPG players all you want but these guys got it togther and made something with enough story for more than one movie.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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