Way Bad Stone (1991)

I thought The Song of the Sword was the only SOV LARP movie, but between Masters of Magic and this movie, I’ve discovered that just because horror made up the majority of camcorder-made movies, the sword and sorcery genre was big enough in the late 80s and early 90s for people to try and make some themselves.

Shot in Ellenton, Bradenton and Rubonia, Florida and populated by RPG enthusiasts and members of the Asolo State Theater, the Riverfront Theater in Bradenton and the Sarasota Medieval Fair, Way Bad Stone somehow takes $3,000 and turns it into medieval magic. There is quite literally a way bad stone in this and it’s bonded to a maiden named Arith. Now, a whole bunch of adventurers want her — and it — for their own ends.

Have you ever played D&D with bloodthirsty slasher movie fans all hyped up on Mountain Dew and pages of Playboy found in the woods? Then you have an idea of what this movie has for you, a non-stop series of gore-drenched battles punctuated by sensitive scenes of lovemaking soundtracked by the finest in nascent dungeonsynth.

There’s also a demon that’s kept hidden within the stone itself and man, she’s only in the movie for just a few moments but it really makes it all so much better.

A movie with spraying blood, organs outside the body, so much death that you may think Shakespeare wrote it and perhaps extras still wearing jeans, this is the shot on video movie that I dream of, a place where people keep renting Italian post-peplum Joe D’Amato movies and decide to make their own.

Directed by one-time-only creative Archie Waugh, who co-wrote this with Jan Kafka (who also performed some of the film’s soundtrack and wrote Ionopsis, another Florida-made low budget high concept sword and sorcery movie), Way Bad Stone is why I watch movies.

You can download this from Rarefilmm and learn more from the official Facebook page.

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