Savage Vows (1995)

Shot in a house — the home of director Bob Dennis and writer Carol Dennis — and a cemetery in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Savage Vows confirms my theory that shot on video is a relative of the regional films that we all know and love. Much in the same way that so many regional films were made for the owner’s theater or drive-in chain, this was made to be rented at Bob’s video store, Full Moon Video, which he owned with his brother Mike, who also appears in this movie. Oh yeah — that video store definitely shows up in this and the quick moments we are inside it give the kind of feels that are at once warm and bittersweet.

Armand Sposto plays Mark, the hero of this story, who has just lost his wife to a car accident. As his friends both try to console and — some — take advantage of him, he watches horror movies, devours fast food, deals with loss and totally misses out on the fact that a killer is wiping out his buddies. One of those friends, Adam, is played by Mark Polonia, creator of so many SOV films (and streaming these days).

Bob Dennis is still acting today, appearing in Jurassic PreyAlien Surveillance and Outpost Earth. He’s also in the Polonia Brothers’ Night CrawlersTerror House (which they made with Jon McBride), Bad Magic, the two The House That Screamed movies and Among Us, in which he plays director Billy D’Amato.

Will Mark get to watch The Lion King? Will he have any friends left? Who is that lurking outside like a giallo gloved killing machine? You can answer all of these questions and come up with more of your own when you sit down for Savage Vows.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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