Streets of Death (1988)

Jeff Hathcock also made Victims!Night Ripper! and Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell. This time around, he takes us to the worst parts of Los Angeles where sex workers are being murders and the cops keep fumbling around in the dark. Bernie Navarre (Simon de Soto) and Grant Jordan (Lawrence Scott) get help from undercover officer Kelly Anderson (Susanne Smith) who acts as one of the ladies of the night to draw out the killers, who end up being Artie Benson (Larry Thomas, no soup for you) and Lenny Miller (Guy Ecker). Their gimmick is to pretend to be making a movie and then film each kill.

Then Bernie’s former partner, Frank Phillips (Tommy Kirk, a former Mousketeer) comes in the picture and decides that he needs back on the force. As Kirk said to Filmfax, “The film had some problems…. I played a cop who has been kicked off the force because he was a drunk and had accidentally killed somebody. But he wanted to be back on the force, to be a cop again, so he goes off on his own and tries to solve this string of serial killings in the Los Angeles suburbs… That picture was a good example of a case of good intentions.”

This is a movie packed with grime that really gets into the darkness of its killers and then mixes in dialogue like a hooker saying, “Why don’t we discuss this over a cock tail? Your cock, my tail.” Mix that in with a death by power drill and you have a movie that attempts to be an erotic thriller on a budget, shot on video yet feeling very procedural all the same. This would pair nicely with L.A. AIDS Jabber if you want to really delve into the City of Angels shot on video tracking filled darkness.

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