Violent Shit II: Mother Hold My Hand (1992)

Twenty years after Violent Shit, Karl Berger Jr. (director and writer Andreas Schnass) continues the killing that began with his father. He was raised by a woman (Anke Prothmann) who gives him a machete fo his birthday. Years ago, she buried his father and raised him to avenge that man’s death and, well, indiscriminately kill people for her pleasure. She even drinks their blood and occasionally allows her adoptive son to pleasure her because hey, it may be low budget shot on video but it’s still Italian exploitation.

Violent Shit II dispenses with any of seriousness and just delves into goofy humor mixed with gore and, as always, genital destruction. There’s also a near-Taxi Driver shootout in a porn theater and an ending that sets up that Karl Sr. has returned.

That said, this movie has some of the funnier credits I’ve seen in an SOV movie, as they’re rainbow colored and bouncing and seem to come from a totally different film than what we’ve just watched. Actually, if you can make it through this without flinching, I think you can make it through anything.

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