Mister Creep (2022)

Director and writer Isaac Rodriguez had Last Radio Call on the site a few months ago and it was an interesting idea in spite of its found focus look. That same need to show found footage is in this movie, which tells the story of masked serial killer Mister Creep (Brian D. Anderson) and how his twenty years of murders are being investigated by students John (Ali Alkhafaji), Beth (Amber Lee Solis), Val (Shaela Payne) and Dave (Thomas Burke).

For years now, Mister Creep has killed and killed and killed — two hundred victims at least — and broadcasted each kill, which has obsessed Val. Now, she and her friends have followed that need to know about Mister Creep into what we all know is a trap, but as always, would we have a movie otherwise?

There’s also the story of Mr. Creep’s childhood, as told by his biographer and friend Mary (Judy McMillan), who goes mad while telling the story. And then, well…why not go to the abandoned transmission tower that Mr. Creep used to send his signal from?

I said exactly the same thing when I watched Rodriguez’s other film: He’s talented and knows how to make a scary movie. A reliance on found footage is actually a detriment to his cause, as it takes away and limits what he can do with the film. I hope he keeps on making more movies but also expands how they’re made.

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