Zombio (1999)

SOV filmmaker is the same as Lucio Fulci fans — this movie is dedicated to the Italian director — and this movie feels like Zombi in Brazil because, well, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be, even recreating the scenes of the dead coming back to life covered in moss and dirt.

There’s a couple — wealthy ecologists — stranded on an island — Matul, it has to be — when a cross-dressing serial killer — as an old lady and bringing along a potential victim — also makes his way there and a priestess commands the undead as they stumble through the jungle. Also these guys probably told the kitchen to keep the guts and put them in a doggy bag when they ordered their feijoada because those organs look suspiciously true to life.

I haven’t seen a Brazilian zombie movie yet, so now I feel there’s one more culture’s walking dead example that I can check off my passport.

Director and writer Petter Baiestorf is still making movies. He was also the creator of the 2013 sequel Zombio 2: Chimarrão Zombies.

You can get this from the Internet Archive.

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