The Death of April (2022)

When Meagan Mullen (Katarina Hughes) moves far away from friends and family into a new house, she does what so many do: She keeps in touch with them via her vlog. And yes, that same video diary allows us to see what happens around her and to her as she begins to experience the supernatural.

This movie was originally shot in 2012, but released this year, which may explain why it’s a found footage film. Actually, found footage has gone nowhere, as so many streaming movies still rely on its shaky camerawork and “did you see that?” scares.

The good news is that The Death of April moves toward more of a true crime mockumentary, interviewing her family and those around her while continuing to explore the slowly growing weirder footage that she shot herself.

As for who April is, well, it takes Megan’s friend Heather (Chelsea Clark) and an Ouija board to learn that she once lived in the same place and was murdered. I kind of wish the film showed more of how Megan’s personality changed, as her videos don’t show that while the interviews with people who knew her sure do. That said, for a found footage film, this finds an interesting way to tell its story and doesn’t get boring, which is so much more than I can say for most movies in this genre.

The Death of April is available on demand and on Tubi from Terror Films.

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