AMANDO DE OSSORIO WEEK: Pasto de fieras (1969)

Tino (Ángel Luis Nolías) is an orphan who lives with his uncle Quico (Xan Das Bolas) and works as a shepherd, but one night everything goes wrong. His dog gets killed by a car and his sheep are stolen by a circus who wants to use them for tiger food, so he decides to run away to America.

Based on a story by José Antonio de la Iglesia, this was directed and written by Amando de Ossorio and would be followed up the same year by his first entry into horror, Fangs of the Living Dead. He also worked in other genres than just slow motion Knights Templar whipping and killing women, including the westerns La tumba del pistolero and Hudson River Massacre, as well as the crime movie Las alimañas.

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